Ryan Jacoy – Staffing – Recruiter – Microsoft – Seattle

Ryan Jacoy – Staffing – Recruiter – Microsoft – Seattle


Ryan Jacoy – Staffing – Recruiter – Microsoft – Seattle


  • Ryan Jacoy is, without a doubt, a terrible recruiter! If anyone ever has the misfortune of dealing with this patently inept and transparently incompetent recruiter, proceed at your peril;
  • His recruitment and candidate selection practices are inherently discriminatory, biased and arbitrary;
  • He continuously ‘filters’ candidates based on past experiences with the candidate (ie. if you were deemed unfit for a role previously, you will be denied further consideration for other opportunities); this goes against Microsoft’s own equality polices & guidelines given that: (i) – every opportunity is a different one; and (ii) – Microsoft encourages candidates to reapply if a suitable opportunity doesn’t transpire; 
  • He’s incredibly arrogant, disrespectful, snide and even arguably quite racist, xenophobic and homophobic towards candidates that she doesn’t seem to have a liking for;
  • He is immensely lacking in basic courtesy and general etiquette (ie. doesn’t return calls/e-mails, fails to follow-up with feedback, gets annoyed when pushed for a status update, etc);
  • He is a complete and utter disservice to not only to the hiring managers that she deals with but also to Microsoft and its customers, partners and shareholders given that she is allowing her prejudiced views pass over candidates with genuine talent and potential instead opting to move forward candidates that she feels would be an appropriate fit;
  • Think these invectives are from a disgruntled individual? Think again. Check out all the negative reviews about him on Glassdoor.com and various career sites dating back a while;
  •  If anyone doesn’t want to initiate a formal complaint in fear of possible reprisal (eg. if applying for other opportunities, your complaints about this recruiter might impact your candidacy), then the best is to proceed with an anonymous complaint to the Microsoft Board of Directors, Majority Shareholders, Customers and Executives; it would be completely pointless to raise this with the Head of HR or Recruiting (they will do nothing about this), but instead direct such grievances to the executive brass who will pass it down the chain for further investigation: 


Steve Ballmer (CEO): steveb@microsoft.com
Lisa Brummel (Chief People Officer): lisab@microsoft.com
Todd Nelmes (PR): tnelmes@microsoft.com
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